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id8 produce testimonial video for national law firm, Minster Law

Working with Hawk Audiovisual, id8′s David Read spent a great day in London first with Kiley, the victim of a tragic accident, and then at Minster Law’s office in Bishopsgate to shoot this fascinating film.  The video was the graded and edited before being published on the new Minster Law site.

With over 3 hours of interviews, it was a fascinating project, and it produced a video that carries a real story and explains how a professional and sympathetic lawyer made a real difference to Kileys life. .

id8 edit  major RBS announcement by Ross McEwan

id8 edit major RBS announcement by Ross McEwan

id8 were able to work with Storm Events to film and quickly end Ross McEwan’s speech at the Trampery in Lonodn on the 27th February.  The edits of the video were also made available to broadcasters around the world.

id8 Media hard at work at Oxford Farming Conference

id8 Media hard at work at Oxford Farming Conference

Over January we were working with Hawk Audiovisual to capture and edit all the presentations and speakers at this years Oxford Farming Conference, which was once again attended by HRH Princess Anne.  The videos were all produced overnight and made available, with any edits requested by the client, for 9am the following morning. You can […]

Nimans Top Gun video spoof

id8 Media worked alongside Hawk AudioVisual and TLC to work on a spoof version of Top Gun and a collection of interviews with friends and colleagues as  part of a surprise birthday party from Julian Niman.

For the Top Gun spoof 3d models of F14 Tomcats and assorted explosions were added to footage we shot at the Niman’s head office in Manchester as well as some greenscreen footage.  The spoof was a huge success and featured numerous members of staff from Nimans playing characters in the film.

The project was completed entirely using After Effects and 3D Studio Max.  The film was a great hit, and you can view a small part of it above.

Watch our RBS video on all the news media outlets.

Watch our RBS video on all the news media outlets.

id8′s David Read spent the day in London, working with long time customer Storm Events on the arrival of RBS’s new CEO Ross McEwan. David was there to direct the cameras and vision mix the live stream of Ross McEwan’s address, and then edit several versions of the speech for use by various news outlets […]

Time to change for Thomas Cook…

id8 have been working with Storm Events on numerous projects over the last few weeks relating to Thomas Cooks new brand identity.  On the 30th September, we recorded the rebranding of a shop and the offices in Peterborough, this was then edited and uploaded to youtube by Thomas Cook.

The shop conversion should have lasted around 3 hours, however as you can see on the timelapse… they had some problems refitting it… and filming finished after 8 hours, which is why it suddenly goes very dark!

Simples! Job for id8

Simples! Job for id8

id8 have been working with Hawk Audiovisual for a very unusual events for  We set up a diary room, with 2 way video and audio feeds, and Aleksandr Orlov interviewed members of the staff for a team building day at The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough.  We then edited all the interviews together into two very popular videos, with the staff loving the results, as well as loving being interviewed by a meerkat!

The interviews were all hot in full HD, and used an autocue to relay message and images to the interviewees in the diary room.  We then extended the limited bookcase background and added in other props and effects in post production.



id8 busy working all across the UK...

id8 busy working all across the UK…

It’s still been full on at id8.  Two big awards nights, working alongside Hawk Audiovisual for J D Williams and Warners magazine in Birmingham and Manchester.

id8 produced some high impact animations for both shows as well as producing the highlight edits for user afterwards.

We have been busy filming Thomas Cook updates as well as work for their Children’s Charity, which involved filming in Peterborough and Manchester, interviewing a number of employees about their work for the charity.

id8 also worked alongside Storm  Events producing an internal video about staff mobility, which featured a 3D Studio Max animated opening as well as filming in the UK and the Netherlands.

Thrown into the mix were some filming and editing for Anglian Water and British Sugar for some Health and Safety updates.

Busy busy May....

Busy busy May….

As well as enjoying the weather (yes there was a few days, come on remember!) we have been busy on a number of projects up and down the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough, Essex and Glasgow), thank heavens we are on the A1 and the central location I work in! We have been involved in […]

Bennetts Insurance on the Marketer Youtube Channel.

Hannah Squirrel of Bennetts appears on The Marketer’s youtube channel, courtesy of id8 Media and Hawk Audio Visual.

Bennetts (the UK’s leading biking insurer) is one of our regular customers, so when the need for a fun video capturing a day in the life of Hannah came up, they naturally gave us a ring!

Filming took just an hour (on an Af101 with some Nikon primes), and video was edited together the same day, with the highlights piece at the end being re purposed from a different Bennetts project.