Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

2D & 3D Motion Graphics and Animation

We pride ourselves on the quality of our motion graphics and compositing. From a simple flying logo to a complex graphical sting we can offer the highest quality service. We offer a range of 2D & 3D animation and compositing services using industry standard tools such as After Effects, Combustion, 3D Max and Photoshop. Effects and animations that were too costly a few years ago are now within the reach of the corporate world.

We have created high impact animations and stings for many companies, either as part of a larger video or simply to open their latest conference or exhibition with a bang. We have also used our compositing skills to invisibly remove unwanted objects from some shots or add in new elements. For live shows we have sequenced a series of high impact animations to launch upon the announcement of a nominee or winner.

We are used to shooting against greenscreen for interviews and can drop in an attractive motion bed behind the interviewee. Our graphics & compositing facilities can add a real sense of class to any production, large or small, so why not get in touch today.